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I now use Arch BTW

I switched my daily driver laptop from Windows 10 Home to Arch Linux with LUKS full disk encryption, btrfs, and KDE on Wayland

Security Issues with LastPass on Android

A short summary of some security issues with the LastPass application I discovered during my capstone project.

My first CTF - OverTheWire Bandit

My solutions to the CTF and some interesting stuff I learnt.

A better experience for BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra

Dark theme, video playback speed control and more to improve Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Trip to DevOps World | Jenkins World

I had the privilege of being invited to DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 for presenting the work I did during Google Summer of Code 2019. This blog post is a day-by-day summary of an amazing trip to the conference.

Performance Improvements to Role Strategy Plugin

The task for my Google Summer of Code project was to improve the performance of the Role Strategy Plugin. This blog post summarizes the changes made to the plugin to improve its performance.

Introducing new Folder Authorization Plugin for Jenkins

During my Google Summer of Code Project, I have created the brand new Folder Auth Plugin for easily managing permissions to projects organized in folders from the Folders plugin.

Micro-benchmarking Framework for Jenkins Plugins

I have been working on improving the performance of the Role Strategy Plugin as a part of my Google Summer of Code project. Since there was no existing way to measure performance on Jenkins Plugins, my work for the first phase of the project was to create a framework for running benchmarks in Jenkins plugins.

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